Maria Ramos

The Netherlands 2000, 90 min.

Desi’s an eleven-year-old Dutch girl. She has all the classic problems of an eleven-year-old: Who’s her best friend on the playground? Should she have a boyfriend? Which secondary school will she get into? On top of that she has extra burdens to bear – her mum committed suicide when she was a baby, her dad’s a slacker, her dad’s girlfriend is hyper and looks like she might walk out at any moment, and each day when Desi gets out of school she has to negotiate by mobile phone to find out if she’s allowed back to her dad’s chaotic houseboat or if she has to sleep at her gran’s cheerless house, and eat boiled cabbage. As if that wasn’t enough, Desi also has to cope with Maria Ramos’ film crew following her around.

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Lucinda Broadbent
Lucinda has worked for over 20 years as a Director and Executive Producer of UK and international documentaries for Channel 4, BBC, Scottish Television and Sky. She specialised in human rights and social justice films. Her prizes include Amnesty International’s Media Award and ECHO Human Rights Award.