London Film School launches MA in Documentary Filmmaking programme

The London Film School is launching a new Master of Arts course in Documentary Filmmaking, set to start in January 2024 (applications open 15 May). This two-year full-time programme will provide students with opportunities to create numerous documentary films and exercises as part of a film crew or individually. The course will offer students in-depth teaching in filmmaking, a critical understanding of the genre, and professional craft skills. Students will develop their individual voice as documentary filmmakers through an integrated educational approach of ‘learning through doing.’ They will also gain insights and inspiration into contemporary professional practice from visiting lecturers and industry critiques.

The MA Documentary Filmmaking course at LFS is validated by the University of Exeter, expanding the range of MA degree programmes available at LFS to four. It is the first new course at the School since 2012 and is led by award-winning Producer/Director, Nicola Gibson. Femi Kolade, Director of Studies at LFS, said the course would offer students the freedom to explore their ideas, gain practical experience, collaborate with peers, and receive mentorship. He also highlighted that the programme would offer more hands-on filmmaking experience than any other MA documentary degree, allowing students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the medium.

Find more information and details on how to applyHERE

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