Italian journalist and writer. She contributes regularly to Modern Times Review.
SYRIA: In Syria, not even once dead do you get peace. You may have thought that you had seen all. Instead, you had yet seen nothing.
I Have Seen Nothing, I Have Seen All
Director: Yaser Kassab
Country: Syria

«[And your new movie] will be judgemental? »

«No. Not really.»

«And so what’s your aim?»

«I was just thinking that… Now that the winner won…»

«As long as you ask: Why?, you are criticizing.»

«And is that a problem?»

«Criticize is not rational.»

«What do you mean?»

«We don’t have the right to criticize.»

This is the voice of the filmmaker and main character on the phone with his father. It could also be the voice of any Syrian on the phone with anyone. He says, «the winner» for even just saying «Assad» may get you in trouble. That is what peace looks like in Syria.

Sometimes while walking, you mistake unknown passers by for friends killed years ago

After more than 500,000 dead, 6 million refugees, 7 million IDPs, reconstruction costs estimated up to $300 billion, you still cannot even write, «The . . .

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