CONFLICT: After centuries of hatred, violence, and massacres, Ukraine is yet again at war.
Willemien Sanders
Dr. Willemien Sanders is a regular critic at Modern Times Review.
Published date: December 18, 2016
Country: Switzerland 2016, 1h 48min.

Exploring conflict, searching for humanity. Like Dew in the Sun, a line taken from the Ukrainian national anthem, combines a personal quest for the fate of filmmaker Peter Entell’s ancestors with exploring a region marked by centuries of conflict. The display of different peoples inhabiting Ukraine and the Crimea region and fighting each other over the centuries shown at the beginning of the film, underlines this. The film questions why Entell’s grandparents left Ukraine a little over a century ago, in addition to why people keep making each other’s lives so miserable. Unsurprisingly, the answers to these questions are closely related and include terms like invaders, wars, and pogroms.

Starting in Kiev, Entell and cameraman Jón Björgvinsson travel to locations including Slaviansk, Bakhchisaray, and Donetsk, where they explore the hostile situation between Europe-oriented Western Ukraine and Russia-oriented Eastern Ukraine. Eventually, they make it to

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