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Having secured another round of funding via Creative Europe Media in the uncertain times that is COVID-19Pitch The Doc expands its web-based platform for continuous documentary promotion.

Launched in 2017, Pitch the Doc, a Poland-based independent start-up, has been endorsed by European Documentary Network (EDN) and also funded in part by the International Visegrad Fund. So far it boasts a registered user base of over 110 decision-makers (commissioning editors, producers, distributors, sales agents, market representatives, festival selectors, etc.); filmmakers from 73 countries, more than 130 curated and validated projects as well as over 40 projects in «training mode» by leading market initiatives collaborating with Pitch the Doc.

Pitch the Doc-project interface
c. Alex Rybka


Never intended to compete with market events, Pitch The Doc is rather a set of complementary solutions making these events even more efficient and fruitful. At its core, Pitch The Doc gathers content of any topic or format and enables its introduction to the market using established pitching standards, alongside text information, production details, visual materials, and an online pitch. This allows production packages to be updated and easy to share, while also offering a range of additional features for film professionals. Furthermore, as a web-based library, Pitch The Doc provides relevant decision-makers (from anywhere in the world) means to acquaint themselves with projects, contact authors, and proceed to discuss co-production matters, remotely.

Over the past few months, in the midst of the increased attention to online solutions across industries, Pitch the Doc has begun to provide specialized solutions industry initiatives. These consist of offering «sub-platforms», that allow for project consultation, valuation, and development, as well as the ability to present them online, physically, or in hybrid form. With a slightly different feature than the core platform, projects using these sub-platforms can be easily be transferred to the core Pitch the Doc platform and become available for follow-up.

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PtD Link

Another important feature of the platform is PtD Link. This allows the direct submission of projects already available on the platform to partnering events or to register projects on the platform simultaneously when submitting them so that time is saved. Currently, submission for East Doc Platform is open and other submissions will soon be also.

So far, partners like Sunny Side of the DocInstitute of Documentary Film, B2B Doc Network, Siberia Doc, Doc Pitch of California Film Insitute, Astra Film Lab, and more have learned how Pitch the Doc is a valuable tool for complement their activities as for well as creating new contacts and maintaining relationships.

Featured Image: c. Alex Rybka