Porto/Post/Doc 2020 announces complete programme for 2020 festival

Over 60 films have been selected for the 2020 edition of the Porto/Post/Doc Film Festival, which runs 20 to 29 November 2020.

The festival will tour cinemas, as well as screen via video on demand with a platform launched during the event period. With works from various parts of the world, Porto/Post/Doc Film Festival features a diverse array of films all centered around contemporary needs with national premieres, conversations, interviews with directors, sessions for families, and the 180 Media Academy to think about new ways of producing content with Canal180. Porto/Post/Doc also reinforces its national and Portuguese speaking competitions with 25 films produced by Portuguese or from Portuguese-speaking countries across two competitions: Cinema Novo and Cinema Falado.

The final programme follows previously announced sections: The After City, Transmission, Cinema Novo Competition, Cinema Falado Competition and Highlights. Find the complete information on Porto/Post/Doc Film Festival – HERE

International Competition

  • Our Land, Our Altar, André Guiomar, Portugal
  • Amor Omnia, Yohei Yamakado, France
  • Days of Cannibalism, Teboho Edkins, France, South Africa, Netherlands
  • Goodbye Mister Wong, Kiyé Simon Luang, Laos, France
  • My Mexican Bretzel, Nuria Giménez, Spain
  • Of Land and Bread, Ehab Tarabieh, Israel
  • Departure, Caco Ciocler, Brazil
  • Piedra Sola, Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf, Argentina, Mexico, Qatar, United Kingdom
  • Sandlines, The Story Of History, Francis Alÿs, Iraq

Cinefiesta Selection

  • Land Underwater, Maddi Barber, Spain
  • Lúa Vermella, Lois Patiño, Spain’
  • Work Or To Whom Does The World Belong, Elisa Cepedal, Spain
  • Bendito Machine Saga, Jossie Malis, Spain

Carte Blanche Eloy Dominguez Seren Selections

  • The Great Adventure, Arne Sucksdorff, Sweden, 1953, DOC, 91′
  • They Call Us Misfits, Stefan Jarl, Jan Lindkvist, Sweden, 1968, DOC, 100′
  • A Swedish Love Story, Roy Andersson, Sweden, 1970, FIC, 115′

Carte Blanche In-Edit Selections

  • Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard, Lynn-Maree Milburn, Richard Lowenstein, Australia
  • Liberation Day, Morten Traavik, Ugis Olte, Latvia, Norway
  • Niños Somos Todos, Sergi Cameron, Spain

Cinema Falado

  • A Dança do Cipreste, Mariana Caló, Francisco Queimadela, Portugal
  • Air Conditioner, Fradique, Angola
  • Êxtase, Moara Passoni, Brazil, 2020, DOC, 80′
  • Ghosts of an Empire, Ariel de Bigault, France, Portugal
  • War, José Oliveira, Marta Ramos, Portugal
  • Perpetual Night, Pedro Peralta, Portugal, France
  • What Is Not Seen, Paulo Abreu, Portugal
  • SOA, Raquel Castro, Portugal
  • Our Land, Our Altar, André Guiomar, Portugal
  • Departure, Caco Ciocler, Brazil
  • Extra-Competition: The Movement of Things, Manuela Serra, Portugal

Cinema Novo

  • The Death of Isaac, Fábio Silva, Portugal
  • There’s Someone On Earth, Francisca Magalhães, Joana Tato Borges, Maria Canela, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 18′
  • Jamaika, Alexander Sussmann, Portugal
  • Just Like The Films, Sara N. Santos, Portugal
  • Hands of Silver, Catarina Gonçalves, Portugal
  • Descriptive Memory, Melanie Pereira, Portugal
  • The President Wears Nothing, Clara Borges, Diana Agar, Portugal
  • Pedro’s Home, Eneos Çarka, Portugal
  • Príncipe, João Monteiro, Portugal
  • Re-Existences, Márcia Bellotti, Portugal
  • Variations, Inês Pedrosa e Melo, USA
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