Norwegian-produced Shooting Ourselves is directed by Christina Cynn, who previously collaborated with documentary maker Joshua Oppenheimer on the films The Globalisation Tapes and The Act of Killing. Cynn directed Shooting Ourselves alone, but at its essence are certain similarities with The Act of Killing. The starting point in both is that the participants reconstruct their own experiences into some sort of film scenes. However, where The Act of Killing staging were initiated by Oppenheimer as a way of creating the entire film, Cynn has, in her current BIFF-offering, based it on a pre-existing art installation – or «physical multi-player game», as it is also called. The interactive, political theatre Situation Rooms takes place in a Berlin warehouse where the theatre group Rimini Protocol allows a group of people with various connections with armed conflict are recreating their lives in 13 different rooms. Shooting Ourselves is both the recording of, and an a film about, this installation, as it follows the participants during the process of recreating their experiences, in addition to containing several scenes they filmed themselves as part of the project.

Shooting Ourselves trailer from Cargo Film & Releasing on Vimeo.

People with various connections with armed conflict are recreating their lives in 13 different rooms.

20 individuals. As you watch the film, this may not be as confusing as I suspect it sounds. Although the film never fully explains what the Situations Rooms are. What seems most important are the various, and at times, upsetting stories as told by the participants. The chosen 20 originate from various countries, and have in their respective pasts been (or still are) a sniper, child soldier, weapons factory worker, weapons trader, data hacker, military helicopter pilot, and a lawyer for civilian drone attack victims. The latter person also featured in Tonje Hessen Scheis’ documentary Drone.

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