Sibiu’s Great Square to host innovative cinema experiences for Astra Film Festival’s 30th anniversary

The Astra Film Festival marks its 30th anniversary with a new programme, AFF New Media, aiming to redefine the cinematic experience through advanced technologies. The festival is scheduled to take place from 15 – 22 October in Sibiu’s Great Square, where it will feature two dome cinemas and an Infinity Mirror Room.

The festival’s installations will offer a range of viewing experiences, from traditional non-fiction screenings to immersive technologies employing 360-degree cross-media projections. The intent is to shift focus from the film itself to the viewer’s experience, blending elements of virtual reality, holograms, sound and visual effects, and artificial intelligence.

Astra Film Junior, the festival’s educational component, will present films suitable for young audiences. These films will explore various themes, ranging from the stellar universe to the inner world. The general program will also feature a range of subjects, from underwater soundscapes to cultural astronomy, and will include an immersive adaptation of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Find the full 2023 Astra Film Festival Dome ProgrammeHERE

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Steve Rickinson
Steve Rickinson
Steve lives in Bucharest, Romania. He writes for some platforms and does some other things as well.

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