The “sisters” of the title refers to State Prosecutor Vera Ngassa and Judge Beatrice Ntuba, a formidable duo who relentlessly take on any wrongdoing in the area, in particular male violence against women. Outspoken and determined, they hold short shrift with bullies and liars, as we witness through their day-to-day handling of the cases brought before them, following several-fly-on-the-wall-sequences from initial claim to subsequent sentencing in court.

We see Manka, a young girl who was repeatedly beaten by her aunt; Sonita who claims she was raped by her neighbour; and Amina who wants a divorce after being subjected to beatings by her husband. All are women who in a previous era would have been shouted down for speaking out against figures of ‘authority’, or worse, would have been horribly punished. But with Ngassa and Ntuba to inspire and protect them, and the knowledge that justice might prevail, each feels that they can now safely stand up for their rights. The balance of power is shifting and the assertion that ‘men and woman are equal in rights in our country’ holds some truth.

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