Welcome to Modern Times – the new European documentary magazine!

The newly launched ModernTimes.online features articles on documentary film productions, as screened at festivals, on TV and online.

We boast one of the largest documentary archives, thanks to 15 years’ worth of articles from the now-defunct DOX magazine – of which I was editor from 2009 to 2013, followed by my co-editor Vibeke Bryld  until its demise in 2014.

As many of us within the documentary community believe there is a need for an independent, critical publication, I suggested the introduction of a new European documentary magazine. An agreement was established with the EDN to buy the old DOX archives – to make these great articles available online.

And so, here they are published online – we did it!

And speaking of Jihlava IDFF, the location for the Modern Times magazine launch: You are once again able to read what Marek Hovarka said about his festival in 2002 , as a 22 year-old and perhaps the youngest ever European festival director! Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Hovarka remains the festival’s managing director. We also feature four new reviews of films screened at this year’s Jihlava: the film about philosopher Hannah Arendt, a piece on the murdered Russian presidential candidate Boris Nemtsov, Salomé Jashi’s Dazzling Light of Sunset, plus an interview with Gianfranco Rosi about his Fire at Sea. See also the interview with one of Jihlava’s masterclasses, held by Bill Morrison – which shows films with the work of time on old film? reels, expressing both melancholy and fragmentation.

As the festival is nearing its end, I will return with an article on the films featuring American elections and more.

Next week is DOK Leipzig, and ModernTimes.online will also feature articles from this event.

The main bulk of our magazine will be documentary reviews, and do check out the hundreds of articles already featured  . The second largest segment covers all the articles, articles of different views and opinions, festival reports and independent essays; whereas the third part of the magazine is made of up of interviews and conversations with film makers and others.

Although documentaries account for the main content in this new magazine, we will also publish  political ethical articles – whilst others will feature the topics of camera work and video journalism. The reason behind this? ModernTimes.online is currently based on the Norwegian monthly newspaper NY TID, of which I am director and editor. The focus of this publication is three-fold, all of whom, I suspect, will be keenly felt in the magazine over the coming years:

  • Conflicts, war and peace activism;
  • Surveillance and our new fear-driven control society;
  • Ecology – reflections on sustainability, human relations and consciousness.

Modern Times, our online documentary magazine, is a non-profit organisation/network with several voluntaries, due to our limited financial resources. It is therefore still a «beta-version» – something which will be developed over the coming months.

So, please forward any feedback on to me – the editor-in-chief (see details below).

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Truls Lie

Modern Times Review