Truls Lie 88 POSTS
Editor-in-chief of Modern Times Review
Phone: 4790855066
Company: Film AS
Place: Oslo, Norway

Lie has an experience of 25 years with publishing/editing newspapers/magazines, a total of 25.000 articles, mostly for the Norwegian audience (Morgenbladet, Le Monde diplomatique, DOX Magazine, Ny Tid). His editorial line is social liberal (inspirated from pragmatic anarchism), can be summed up with topics about conflicts/peace-activism (military), control/surveillance (state/finance) and ecology/philosophy.


More than human

Peter Mettler is known for his intuitive and experimental film making. The new film Becoming Animal has also an ecological and philosophical depth, as it involves the Canadian philosopher David Abram.

Zero conference and Nobel prices

If you are prone to dismiss warnings about environmental destruction as exaggerations, you might as well stop reading right away.

The significance of photography

Can photography contribute to political and social change?

Liberal and anarchist

On September 15th The Economist celebrated their 175th anniversary with a manifesto speaking out against the weakening of liberal values. Though the meaning of the concept liberal is notoriously unclear, there certainly is more to it than free markets and cynical neoliberalism.

An Alternative Crypto-Nation

Crypto-anarchists across the world are creating a «bitnation» – a virtual community based on crypto-currency. Modern Times Review spoke with the founder of Bitnation in Barcelona to find out what drove her to create an alternative «nation».

Our future with bitcoin and blockchain

Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto: are they a hyped bubble set to burst or a liberating and solidary money system ready to challenge centralised state power and capitalist control?

When societies get militarised

Most people expect their government to provide them with a safe society, where one doesn’t have to live in fear of dangers, enemies and refugees.

The economic feasibility of worker-led companies

Could more companies be collectively owned and run by their employees in the future? That’s the idea put forward by Patrick Witkowsky, the director behind the documentary Can We Do It Ourselves?

Authoritarian or Democratic?

At the Oslo Freedom Forum’s (OFF) press conference, a question from the audience makes tempers flare.

Immortality and artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is considered by many to be a more important invention than the discovery of fire and electricity. What road lies ahead?
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