Volker Koepp

Germany 2007, 104 min.

It is  a historical account of the 20th century and how both WWII and the division of Europe split and affected individual families.

The family portrayed in Sons has a highly dramatic history, rooted in the historical events. The ‘sons’ are five Polish/German brothers. Before WWII their mother and father lived in a nice house in Poland with their four sons, but the Second World War split up the family. The father was sent to war and killed and the mother fled to Germany with the two eldest sons. The two youngest were left behind in Poland, but right after the war ended in 1945, she returned on a dangerous journey to Poland to find them. She was arrested and imprisoned for eight months. After her release she apparently found the youngest son, Rainer, and returned to Germany with him, and did not find her next to youngest son until 1955. Much later they discovered that the Rainer she brought back was not her biological son after all, since they had been in touch with the ‘real’ Rainer who lived in a Polish family. He joined his biological family eventually becoming five brothers instead of four.

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