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Horrors mounting to war
(The Dead Nation)

ROMANIA: Coupling aged photographic references to Romania in the 1930’s together with a diary from the time, this doc gives a chilling account of what awaited Romania’s Jews.

Gay in the Time of Late Capitalism
(My Wonderful West Berlin)

LGTB: Only the anarchists at the left-wing supported them. Yet it was capitalism that liberated them. The gay movement never became part of labor's struggle.

The energy revolution
(Power to Change)

TRUE DEFINITION OF A REVOLUTION: It is imperative to rouse people to take control of the issue themselves – if we want Earth to survive, says Carl-A. Fechner.

The transmediale festival in Berlin: Making films about themselves making films

The transmediale festival in Berlin is a quintessential summit for the discourse between art and digital culture. The “Immediated Autodocumentary” project – shot, edited and screened during the festival – points out how technology may have replaced the director with the transmedia producer.

Unfinished logic
(A Film Unfinished)

Where does one film begin and the other one end? A Film Unfinished is about, and "is" propaganda.

The history of socialism in 39 minutes
(Rabbits À La Berlin)

With Rabbits à la Berlin the Polish filmmakers have managed to create something as unusual as an innocent yet challenging fable about the masses of the old East Germany: a collective forced to adapt to the uneasiness of a free world.

German-Polish history that turns nationalist resentment into an absurdity

“Sons” is a family chronicle showing the clear hand of Volker Koepp

Don’t Worry – Fight

Arte is the TV channel from which producers are always trying to get a commission, as it still keeps the documentary flag flying.


The 23rd edition of the Duisburger Filmwoche was held November 1-7, 1999. MARCY GOLDBERG met with its organizers for a round-table chat on what makes this German doc festival unique.