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Zero conference and Nobel prices

If you are prone to dismiss warnings about environmental destruction as exaggerations, you might as well stop reading right away.

Horrors mounting to war
(The Dead Nation)

ROMANIA: Coupling aged photographic references to Romania in the 1930’s together with a diary from the time, this doc gives a chilling account of what awaited Romania’s Jews.

Gay in the Time of Late Capitalism
(My Wonderful West Berlin)

LGTB: Only the anarchists at the left-wing supported them. Yet it was capitalism that liberated them. The gay movement never became part of labor's struggle.

The energy revolution
(Power to Change)

TRUE DEFINITION OF A REVOLUTION: It is imperative to rouse people to take control of the issue themselves – if we want Earth to survive, says Carl-A. Fechner.

The transmediale festival in Berlin: Making films about themselves making films

The transmediale festival in Berlin is a quintessential summit for the discourse between art and digital culture. The “Immediated Autodocumentary” project – shot, edited and screened during the festival – points out how technology may have replaced the director with the transmedia producer.

Unfinished logic
(A Film Unfinished)

Where does one film begin and the other one end? A Film Unfinished is about, and "is" propaganda.

The history of socialism in 39 minutes
(Rabbits À La Berlin)

With Rabbits à la Berlin the Polish filmmakers have managed to create something as unusual as an innocent yet challenging fable about the masses of the old East Germany: a collective forced to adapt to the uneasiness of a free world.

German-Polish history that turns nationalist resentment into an absurdity

“Sons” is a family chronicle showing the clear hand of Volker Koepp

Don’t Worry – Fight

Arte is the TV channel from which producers are always trying to get a commission, as it still keeps the documentary flag flying.


The 23rd edition of the Duisburger Filmwoche was held November 1-7, 1999. MARCY GOLDBERG met with its organizers for a round-table chat on what makes this German doc festival unique.