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Finding a Western husband is not the cure to all pains

Spanning a ten-year period, Heartbound tells the stories of Thai women who realise their dream of marrying a Western man.

Rising pressure in the family

Rok Bicek’s documentary explores the rising expectations of the family under the pressures of liberal capitalism.

Looking for love and answers in the Amazon

Pregnant and facing the prospect of impending motherhood, director Claire Weiskopf decides to dive into the past. She wants to understand and heal the wounds caused by her relationship to her absent mother, Val.

Letter to an unhappy painting

The daughter Sara Broos decided to make a documentary to get closer to her mum, the renowned Swedish painter, Karin Broos.

Devoted depiction of impoverished salt workers

The Indian salt production is one of the worlds largest. Farida Pacha introduces us to a family who live and work with honour – but also poverty – extant.

Inaccurate about Scandinavian loneliness

Do our individualistic lifestyles really make us happy?

Remember how to forget

A film about identity, memory, trauma, poetry, music, family, and death – a dive into Honig’s past

Welcome to Spain

Familia offers a rare intimacy with the underclass realities of globalization.

Chronicle of a Kidnap

Karnit Goldwasser is the young wife of Ehud Goldwasser, one of two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah in 2006, an action that launched the second Lebanon war. Through interviews and vérité footage shot over roughly 18 months, Nirit Kedar crafts a complex story about one woman’s dogged determination to find out whether her husband is alive. She interviews Karnit, family members and friends, a media strategist, a former secret service man, military experts and many others.