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The overlooked «in-betweener»
(Topo y Wera / Centar)

Two highlights of Doclisboa 2018 were documentaries from an often-overlooked category – the mid-length film.

Revolution now!

The period of waiting is over: The world calls for an uprising.

My enemy’s enemy is my ally
(Hissene Habre)

Anyone who believes that it can ever be morally justifiable for a country to support a tyrannical regime – even if it serves a government’s own short-term interests - should watch Hissène Habré: Prosecuting An Embarrassing Ally.

The transience of time
(A Retrospective Overview Of Mia hansen-løve’s work)

Mia Hansen-Løve’s latest film Things to Come depicts the way political engagement changes over time, and neatly joins her other films on family dynamics and relations. Here we take a look at her catalogue of films.

CINÉMA DU RÉEL 2016: An eye for what we cannot see

Exile and poverty hung as a shadow over the Cinéma du Réel short film festival

The birth of something new
(Cave Of Forgotten Dreams)

Modern man needs images that surpass our present clichés.

The arch of evil

The French city Lussas gathered filmmakers, producers, critics and film-lovers to assess current documentary production, and to follow up its lineage to previous works. DoX’ Maria Tarantino looks at three films sharing the theme of «evil».

Fiction film based on the writings of a man who killed his entire family
(Back To Normandy)

The new film by Nicolas Philibert is completely different in form from everything he has done before

Haunting documentary
(Welcome Europa)

Bruno Ulmer’s haunting documentary “Welcome Europa” adds an aching testimony to the list of films on immigration to the "fortress" of Europe


Arte has launched “Faces of Europe”, an impressive series of half-hour docs documenting how we live, broadcast each weekday at 6.30 p.m.