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Gay in the Time of Late Capitalism
(My Wonderful West Berlin)

LGTB: Only the anarchists at the left-wing supported them. Yet it was capitalism that liberated them. The gay movement never became part of labor's struggle.

How to tell what he did
(Det Han Gjorde/what He Did)

In 1988 Jens Michael Schau killed his life companion of thirteen years in a jealousy fit. As his partner was Denmark’s best selling author and leading open homosexual Christian Kampmann the scandal was unprecedented. What went wrong?

(LGBT) community against a police
(Stonewall Uprising)

Stonewall Uprising illustrates another great step forward in the story of human rights. The gay community organized en masse in 1968, and fought back with a vengeance. This was at the height of many national civil rights movements in the United States.