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Documentary as a transmission medium
(Spaces of Exception)

The new documentary Spaces of Exception draws parallels between the experiences of oppression and resistance in Native American reservations and Palestinian refugee camps.

Peeling back the layers of the Israeli-Palestine conflict
(West of the Jordan River)

West of the Jordan River is Amos Gitai's first return to the Palestinian occupied territories since his 1982 documentary Field Diary. In his latest film he picks up the pieces where he left off – arguing that people is the change needed to make peace in the Middle East.

In the backyard of war

As the peace efforts between Israel and Palestine have come to a halt, the Palestinians in Nabi Saleh dream about access to the Mediterranean Sea – still out of their reach.

Middle-East: (Re)Framing Palestinians
(Budrus / Aisheen [still alive in gaza])

Two films express hope for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In Budrus, the Palestinians also get support from sympathetic Israelis protesting against the Israeli military forces.

ARAB-EUROPEAN COOPERATION: Three Minutes of Palestinian Reality

Four Palestinian filmmakers living in Ramallah, all professional filmmakers with filming and producing experience in their native country, were given the opportunity to make a short documentary for Channel 4’s strand “3-minute wonder”