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The anatomy of neo-nationalist misogyny

Miki Dezaki set out to understand why a network of powerful people find it so important to shut up the women who demand justice for the sexual labour they were coerced into during WWII.

Turning national sentiments into business

The landmark of the WWI battle of Gallipoli in Turkey and the idolising of individual heroism has become the backbone for nationalist and populist sentiments – and for business.

The treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli military

Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi’s latest documentary has an unabashedly provocative thesis. Throughout the film, Mograbi juxtaposes footage of Palestinians being humiliated by Israeli guards with scenes of Jewish tourists being regaled by tales of their ancestors’ historical struggles for freedom

BREAKING THE SILENCE: “The Army is our national religion”

Over the last decade, several Israeli soldiers have attempted to explain what really happens in the occupied territories. Instead of protecting Israel’s safety, it is all about expanding the control over the Palestinian areas, says Israeli Avihai Stollar from veteran association Breaking the Silence.

Refugees, aestheticized

Can a refugee in a film become too aesthetic, losing his ethical relevance?

Bearing witness to the younger generations

Whereas Nazi cruelties during W.W.II have received and still receive extensive coverage in German documentaries, silence has embraced the atrocities committed in Asia by the Japanese Imperial Army from 1931 to the end of WWII.