Avenge But One Of My Two Eyes

Avi Mograbi.

Israel/France 2005, 100 min.

I need to come clean: I’m not at all familiar with the work of Avi Mograbi. So I don’t know if it’s true, but somehow I imagine him to be an ex-TV cameraman who has become so frustrated with the banality of Israeli TV news that he grabbed his DV camera and decided to start making his own films. At least there seems to be a freshness and a festering frustration behind his filmmaking that is both convention-defying and utterly compelling.


From the opening shots of Avenge But One of My Two Eyes, we know that this is not the current affairs version of Israel with which we are all so weary. Instead, we find ourselves in the company of adolescent Jewish tourists as they visit the archaeological site of Masada. As we listen and watch the psychobabble of the Israeli guide, we struggle to make sense of the world into which Mograbi has launched us.

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