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«The power of the Mafia is institutionalised»

MAFIA: Modern Times Review met the Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia in the Berlinale Lounge to talk about her photographic work and the Italian Mafia today.

«God counts the tears of women»

Hanaa (2017) describes the life and destiny of four young women around the world and how through myths, superstitions and beliefs patriarchal will is imposed on them.

A Doll in the Mud

Behrouz Nouranipour's documentary portrays three tortured and raped under-aged Syrian girls.

She is Malala

Davis Guggenheim’s documentary portrait does not contain much new information, but enables us to get to know the activist, teenager and phenomenon that is Malala Yousafzai.

Je suis Jyoti

The documentary about the brutal rape of Jyoti Singh paints a frightening picture of the way women are viewed in Indian culture.

Kidnapping of child brides

Screened at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival,the issue-driven drama Difret gave audiences the right mix of social commentary and art-house aesthetics to awe viewers and take the Panorama Audience Award.

Incarcerated Women

Suppression come in many forms. A collection of screenings at February’s Berlinale, portrayed various female destinies.

A unique monthly opportunity

"The Moon Inside You" is a personal journey into the mysteries and many prejudices surrounding menstruation. But director Diana Fabiánová’s attempt to tell the whole story causes a lack of focus in the film and makes it feel fumbling.

Our time is sick with eros

We are all obsessed with the universal law of morality. But in this film they make love without feelings; they cannot love; their power is to become their wound – one of the girls sees her actions as a slow death. But the film also turns the savage moments into a prayer.

BERLINALE 2010: Gender apartheid

At the Berlinale the documentary "Black Bus" is one Israeli powerful testimony on the repressive nature of Israel.