MEMORY: This intriguing trip down memory lane, to the Basque country of idyllic summers, is an exercise in transcendence.
Nick Holdsworth
Nick Holdsworth
Our regular critic.
Published date: March 5, 2020

You might like to spend a day fasting and meditating before watching Oskar Alegria’s Basque-language two-hour poetic musing unfold before your eyes. Bringing a calm, transcendent attitude to this odd, arty, and strangely beguiling film about memory, nostalgia, nature, and loss will definitely benefit the viewing experience.

For those who prefer more cutting edge, politically pointed, and topical documentaries, this could be a welcome change of pace. For a somewhat fidgety reviewer, accustomed to more newsy fare, it took a while to settle into a film that pretty much begins with a tender, loving static shot of a crusty cowpat, before proceeding to a range of long – and always beautiful – studies of sky, water, vegetation, trees, birds, and various nocturnal forest denizens seen through the lens of motion-triggered cameras.

Zumiriki, a film by Oskar Alegria

Metaphysical questions

Alegria is an affable Robinson …

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