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Journalist, writer, author, filmmaker and film and TV industry expert – Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.
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A hilarious examination of the human condition
(Mussolini’s Sister)

An intimate portrait of a sarcastic elderly Palestinian woman's life, relationships, regrets and bitterness enlightened by flashes of dark humour.

A powerful cry for justice
(Police Killing (Auto de Resistencia))

Forensically detailed catalogue of state-sponsored killings paints a dark picture of the life and death for poor, black youngsters in Rio's sprawling shanty-towns.

One of the greatest leaders of the 20th century
(Meeting Gorbachev)

Meeting Gorbachev is an intimate and engaging portrait of the man who unwittingly prompted the collapse of the Soviet Union.

No more heroes
(Electing Russia)

Electing Russia reflects a depressing picture of Kremlin opposition.

A poetic narration of a people under occupation
(Ma'ohi Nui, in the Heart of the Ocean My Country Lies)

This poetic examination of the lasting impact of nuclear testing and colonisation on the native people of Tahiti and French Polynesia looks set to become a key reference point for years to come.

From protégée to dictator
(Putin's Witnesses)

In the exclusive fly-on-the-wall footages in Vitaly Mansky‘s Putin’s Witnesses, we’re offered a glimpse into Vladimir Putin‘s raise to power – from his early promises of media freedom to the flagrant disregard of democratic norms.

From a war reporter’s point of view
(Dying to Tell)

Dying to Tell is a portrait of Spanish war correspondents around the world, retelling the sense of thrills associated with adrenal warfare, as well as the traumas experienced during war and in its aftermath.

The ‘high times’ of the Brezhnev years
(Soviet Hippies)

Vivid memories of home-made psychedelic drugs and Soviet revolutionary times are brought to life in Toomitsu’s Soviet Hippies.

In praise of nothing

Boris Mitic’s In Praise of Nothing is probably the most unusual documentary you are likely to see this year.

Britain’s hidden empire
(The Spider's Web)

The Spider’s Web employs an array of experts in offshore tax havens to detail the degree to which the British elite has created a system of shocking inequity. This is a film all ordinary, tax-paying citizens should watch.