PROSTITUTE: The short documentary Rita is the story of an old-school prostitute in Athens at the crossroads of her career.

Hans Henrik Fafner
Fafner is a regular critic in Modern Times Review.
Published date: March 18, 2019

Rita is the story of a prostitute in Athens, a deeply moving story about an individual destiny. With his latest documentary, George Danopoulos is drawing a picture of a woman that goes by the name Rita. It is a heart-rending film with its own poetic beauty in the midst of the squalor.We never get to know her age, only that she is not young and still not at the end of her career. That makes her think. We never see her face, but she gives the camera a tour of the premises at her work place while she tells her story. «This place is my life,» she narrates. «This is where I grew up, learned … got beaten down by life, gave and took, failed. All in this place.»On the wall there is a clock with a picture of Marilyn Monroe, and in the background an old tune by Lionel Richie plays.

Few leave the job

You don’t start off with awareness as a prostitute. It’s a rather impulsive decision. It’s only some time down the road that you think about it and realise the choice you’ve made and what it’s cost you. You’ve either got the guts to quit or the guts to continue.
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