Aleksandra Biernacka
She is a regular contributor to Modern Times Review.

The vast environmental phenomena characteristic of Africa’s most populous nation – Nigeria – are displayed across the current social occurrences in an independent, politically engaging, one-hour documentary screening at Oslo’s upcoming Human Rights Human Wrongs Film Festival.

Nowhere to run

Dan McCain

Nigeria 2015

The film’s dynamic reporting style based on conversations with numerous experts, activists and witnesses creates a wide panorama of interconnected issues. However, it leaves little space for a direct, in-depth observation of reality. The definite and assertive voices attempting to build Nigerian public awareness, solidify efforts at spreading environmental responsibility, proving the film’s close affinity with crusade journalism. But, it might simultaneously alienate Western audiences for whom an open-ended, unmediated investigation of specific facts would be far more enriching. Nevertheless, the film provides a rare opportunity to see the Nigerian first-hand critical account of the most important environmental questions of the day and the people who play lead roles in solving the problems facing the country. Providing Nigeria’s importance on the African continent, and its growing significance for determining environmental policies internationally, Nowhere to Run seems a useful introduction to a plethora of environmental questions tormenting this part of the world.

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