Thessaloniki Documentary Festival announces 2022 them as «Post Reality»

    The 24th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 10-20 March 2022, explores the post-reality we are currently experiencing, through a selection of ten films. Each film boldly outlines the heroes, anti-heroes, hidden secrets, and prismatic truths that reflect the threshold we are crossing as a world society.

    The ways through which cinema carves landscapes and places in the collective subconscious as a means to depict a transformed truth takes centre stage in Alexandre O. Philippe’s documentary The Taking, which sees the Swiss director, who studies the sociological and anthropological impact of cinema. The long-established encroachment of women’s rights is intertwined with the fears and insecurities triggered by the pandemic, in Virna Gabriela Molina’s documentary Portraits of the Future. Eternity at last, Austrian filmmaker Stephan Bergmann brings forth the everlasting human fantasy of immortality.

    These are but three titles to feature in the 24th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival’s «Post Reality» with additional titles unveiled soon, which will be accompanied by a special two-language edition.

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