Uku Ukai

Audrius Stonys

Lithuania 2006, 30 min.

Make-up is carefully being applied to a woman’s face by another woman. Death in disguise? Is this about death? Are we death in disguise? All of us? Or does the first scene of the film also infuse our thoughts with the idea of closeness and distance? The closeness of the old woman, the distance of the young. To death. And their distance to each other. And then, at the end of this chain of thought, the alarming realisation: their closeness to each other. The scene is long, but it has ended now.

Death is a condition and a moment. In silence. Life is a long-distance race. Surrounded by good advice and soft, noisy punchlines, “…let’s sit easily and close the eyes / take a deep breath in… / … and out / again a deep breath in /  …and out / listen to the noises around you / accept all the noises / be in harmony with the environment “ – he is running against time, against the direction of life, for his life. In every respect, someone quite unlike the woman being made up. But his scene follows close on the heels of hers. Because they basically think alike, they are both struggling for life, pleasure, beauty. Audrius Stonys wants his films to gather lonely people who think alike into groups. This is his method of making films. And he has used it to make this one. The long-distance runner runs into the picture, through the picture, and throughout the film. Against time.

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