Our regular critic. Journalist, writer, author. Works mostly from Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.
ACTIVISM: Movement is a lyrical, beautifully lensed view of Agitprop – Moroccan style.

Orginal title: (Amussu) )
Director: Nadir Bouhmouch
Country: Morocco, Qatar, 2018

Nadir Bouhmouch’s Movement is a beautifully lensed, lyrical stroll through the lives of poor Moroccan villagers who take a determined stand against a silver mine that is both robbing their land of water and polluting it with cyanide.

As an object lesson in how community activism on the frontlines of little reported, micro-localised protests against environmental degradation by wealthy elites, Movement offers hope, encouragement, and an array of colourful characters. But, like many films both directed and produced by one individual, Bouhmouch is too close to the material.

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