SEXUALITY: #FEMALE PLEASURE uncovers how the female body is being demonized and breaks the silence concerning female sexuality.
Pinar Ciftci
Regular writer in Modern Times Review.
Published date: April 19, 2019

#FEMALE PLEASURE exposes the subjugation of women in different cultures through the portraits of five women. We encounter the Jewish woman Deborah Feldman, breaking with the ultra-orthodox Hasidic society of Brooklyn, New York; Somalian Layla Hussein, who is genitally mutilated at the age of seven; Rokudenashiko (Megumi Iga-rashi), who risks two years of imprisonment in Japan because of her vaginal art; Doris Wagner, who is sexually abused in the Catholic Church in Germany; and Vithika Yadav, who combats sexual harassment and sexual violence towards women in India.

Through this movie, director Barbara Miller exposes the demonization of the female body and the deadening silence surrounding female sexuality. The film confirms the historical exploitation by men abusing their power to dominate and subjugate women through hierarchical social structures.

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Penis yes, vagina no

In the culture of porn women are usually presented as an object of enjoyment at men’s disposal. As Rokudenashiko comments: «Women are portrayed to satisfy men’s fantasies.» Not only are the camera angles, but the dramaturgy, is also centered on the male orgasm.

I don’t know if I speak on behalf of most women when I say I don’t achieve orgasm by fast and hard penetration, as shown in male dominant porn movies; quite the contrary – I orgasm through slow movements around the clitoris, and not by the penis, but the hand. Sorry to disappoint you, penises!

«It is all about controlling female sexuality, and this is a global problem.»

The Japanese artist Rokudenashiko risks incarceration because of her two-meter long, 3D printed vagina canoe, in which she paddled through Tokyo in 2014. As a consequence, she was arrested and charged with «obscenity». Ironically the male genitals are annually celebrated in Japan during the penis festival Kanamara Matsuri, where gigantic phalluses are lauded through illustrations, candy, vegetables, and decorations. Why celebrate the penis but not the vagina?

A global problem

Publicly, as well as in private life, the sexuality and desires of women are ignored, and the clitoris, the key to female orgasm, is non-existent. Time and time again I read articles on the mysterious orgasm of women, secret recipes for women to achieve orgasm, and so forth. In reality there is no mystery, neither concerning the female orgasm or the vagina.

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