WATCH DOCS Belarus returns with online 2022 festival

The Human Rights Film Festival WATCH DOCS Belarus returns, and be held under the name HUMAN RIGHTS EXTREMIST. All films will be available for viewing online in Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland.

The Polish Helsinki Foundation has taken over the organization of the online festival as a long time partner of WATCH DOCS Belarus. From 21 – 28 January, films biographies, detectives and psychological dramas about human rights will be available online from January 21-28 on the VOD platform.

The mission of WATCH DOCS Belarus is to create a platform for discussing current topical issues between people with different positions and points of view, a space for acquaintance and collaboration of various social groups, activists, journalists, intellectuals, and directors. WATCH DOCS Belarus cooperates with both national and international organizations in order to share experiences and promote documentary films to the masses.

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