Emma Bakkevik is a translator and freelance writer. She is a regular contributor to Modern Times Review.
TIME: What can watching a sloth tell us about time and our own surroundings?
Now, At Last!
Director: Ben Rivers
Producer: Bianca Volpi
Country: UK

They say patience is a virtue, and you would think to watch a sloth do next to nothing for 40 minutes would really put your patience to the test. Turns out, the film Now, At Last! is a poetic and medidative journey where time becomes irrelevant. Very little action, but all the more meaning. Shot in black and white, the calming jungle sounds are only interrupted by a comic colour pattern and the tunes of «Unchained Melody». Generally, we’re watching the sloth sleeping, staring into space, and occasionally continuing its unbelievably slow upside-down stroll along the trunk of a tree. It really seems to have all the time in the world.

Modern Times Review spoke to British director Ben Rivers at Porto Post Doc and asked how he came up with the . . .

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