Dr. Willemien Sanders is a regular critic at Modern Times Review.


One’s Own Truth as Protection

September 11 is a historical date for most of us, but for many others, it has a different meaning entirely.

Once a gaucho…

An intimate portrayal of a dwindling lifestyle in the Argentinian back country.

The fight for Kobani

One of the main parties fighting ISIS in Syria at the moment are the Kurdish militias, among whom are the Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and the Women's Protection Units (YPJ).

What does it mean to be a survivor?

ARMENIA: Usually, 1915 marks the beginning of what is commonly known as the Armenian genocide: the prosecution and murder of some 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottomans.

An intimate portrayal of the last men of Aleppo

Winner of the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, Last Men in Aleppo will have its European premiere at the March opening film of Copenhagen’s CPH:DOX.

Dream Box

The kind of visual, implicit documentary that defies storytelling dogmas.

Death as dignity

In 2015, four siblings aged between five and 13 allegedly committed suicide in a village in China's rural Guizhou province.

A Model Refugee

Rokhsar Sediqi is a 14-year old who lives with her mum, dad and five siblings in the Danish countryside. She has waited four years for a leave to remain in Denmark.

Surfing against the odds

This beautiful and heartfelt documentary takes us into the world of the Gaza strip surfing enthusiasts, and reveals a formidable resilience pulsing within a beleaguered population.

Perpetual systems of oppression

An in-depth look at the US prison system and how it reveals the nation's history of racial inequality.