Between two stools

INDIGENOUS RIGHTS: An intimate look at an indigenous people’s tensions with Chile.
Director: Paola Castillo
Producer: Paola Castillo
Country: Chile

Through a slow and eloquent cinematography, the director of Frontera, Paola Castillo, places us at the center of the daily life of a peasant family, while explaining a drama result of the Mapuche people’s tensions within the conflict with the state of Chile.

The film is captivating and profound, but it is not easily deciphered without some knowledge of the Mapuche and their conflict. However, the narrative is skillfully stitched together so that audiences can transition from a more humane first layer to gradually read subsequent narratives, provided that one is willing to gain deeper knowledge about the tensions in the region.

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Marc Molas Carol
Spanish editor at Modern Times Review, and Catalan music producer, based in Barcelona.

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