Celebrated Chilean production companies land in La Rochelle for 2022’s Sunny Side of the Doc

    Sunny Side of the Doc, the European market dedicated to non-fiction, annually receives productions from all over the world, mainly interested in generating partnerships with diverse industry agents and with their peers from the sector. This year, two Chilean production companies will be attending this event from 20 – 23 June, accompanied by Chiledoc, the sectorial brand of the Chilean documentary. On the event, Paula Ossandón, Chiledoc’s director, has said «we arrive at Sunny Side of the Doc alongside two company houses with significant experience in developing series and content for television: Cábala Producciones and La Ventana Cine, both stand out due to their contingent, innovative approach, and high-impact approach on audiences.» She continues, «The artistic and content quality of Chilean documentary series is increasingly recognized worldwide. In Sunny Side of the Doc, we are looking to promote the exchange between Chilean documentary series and international television industry agents and boost the interest of countries such as France, Germany, or the Asian region».

    La Ventana Cine, founded by Carola Fuentes and Rafael Valdeavellano, attends Sunny Side of the Doc with projects and films in different stages of development. One is the upcoming Breaking the Brick, directed and produced by Fuentes and Valdeavellano. The finished documentary arrives at Sunny Side of the Doc intending to negotiate film sales, especially with its upcoming premiere at Sheffield Doc/Fest. Breaking the Brick is proposed as a sequel to Chicago Boys (2015), filmed and produced by the same pair that portrays the economist group that boosted neoliberalism in Chile.

    Additionally, A Journey to the Roots, directed by José Manuel Loyola and produced by Carola Fuentes and Rafael Valdevellano, narrates the story of Adam, a man who returns to his territory to reconvert his community to the Mapuche spirituality and cosmovision. After the death of his parents, he will accept the design of his Pewmas – premonitory dreams – to assume as the new Lonko and recover their ancestral lands usurped by the Chilean state.

    Chiribiquete, the Lost Civilization of the Amazon, a film by Paul-Aurélien Combré and Gonzalo Argandoña
    Chiribiquete, the Lost Civilization of the Amazon, a film by Paul-Aurélien Combré and Gonzalo Argandoña

    In the last ten years, Cábala Producciones has maintained audiovisual coverage throughout the Latin America on science, nature, and environmental issues, with productions such as the series Children of Stars (NTGEO) or Saving Paradise (ARTE). This year, Chiribiquete, the Lost Civilization of the Amazon is one of the projects with which the production company attends the French market. Directed by Paul-Aurélien Combré and Gonzalo Argandoña and produced by Diego Rojas and Eric Ellena, the documentary is a journey through the history of the human being in the American continent as it goes through the Brazilian and Colombian Amazon and the Chilean Patagonia.

    Cábala Producciones will also present, Not One Less, directed by Paula Rodríguez and produced by Gonzalo Argandoña, Diego Rojas and Claudia Rojas – a documentary series that explores and reveals the thriving Latin American feminist movement based on cases of gender violence and femicide in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico. This is a project in development with a Colombian and German co-production but is looking to open new doors.

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