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Breaking the boundaries at CPH:DOX

CPH:DOX: «Our festival keeps a sense of being that kind of girl in class, asking the questions that provoke the teacher,» – Niklas Engstrøm, Head of Program Department at CPH:DOX

The making of AURORA

Once Aurora paints a picture of an industry of men intent on using the young Norwegian artist AURORA as a tool to further their own ambitions more than to nurture her own creative independence.

A perverted portrait of an artist

The Artist & The Pervert is a somewhat atypical portrait of an artist that tells less about composer Georg Friedrich Haas’ microtonal music then it does about his BDSM-based relationship with his wife.

From an underground artist to a pop icon

A fierce and vulnerable woman,Silvana is a portrait of a young musician with a powerful message and a personality difficult to define in plain words.

Average on porn

The involuntary look behind the scenes of a cynical industry is more interesting than Pornocracy's analysis.