Cinéma du réel spotlights African documentary new wave with 2022 focus

    Dieudo Hamadi was selected at both Berlinale and Cannes; Hassen Ferhani was awarded at Locarno. These are only two African documentary filmmakers now recognized by the prominent Western festivals. But, they are also the first of a new wave of cinema that holds a mirror up to Africa of its own image and upends its traditional representations. This year, Cinéma du réel welcomes this booming documentary scene, from the Maghreb to South Africa, whether French-speaking, English-speaking, Portuguese-speaking or Arabic-speaking.

    Cinéma du réel L’Afrique documentaire programme

    • Ten figures who, in their time, produced radical, even revolutionary works, charting a path simultaneously political, cinematographic, inventive and activist.
    • 12 films from a new generation of filmmakers from across the African continent.
    • Six programmers and African personalities share their view of this cinema (w. Claire Diao, Jihan El-Tahri, Pedro Pimenta, Mohamed Saïd Ouma, Ikbal Zalila, Mandisa Zitha#).
    • Led by Hicham Falah, five case studies toward a better understanding of the diversity, creation, and production of documentary cinema across the continent.
    • A master class by Joël Akafou#
    • A meeting between French documentarians and documentarists from Africa initiated by ADDOC and a round table at BULAC: «Living here, working over there», between filmmakers and researchers.

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