CPH:DOX 2022: the complete winners

    The award winners of CPH:DOX 2022 have been selected. Besides the main prize Dox:Award, prizes have been awarded in the categories F:act Award, Nordic:Dox Award, New:Vision Award, Next:Wave Award and Politiken:Dox Award. All the award-winning films are available for Danish audiences at CPH:DOX’ streaming platform ( until April 10. Also, the films will be screened in cinemas in Copenhagen on April 5, 2022.

    CPH:DOX 2022 Awards

    • Dox:Award: The Eclipse by Nataša Urban (Norway)
    • F:act Award: Black Mambas by Lena Karbe (Germany / France)
      Special Mention: The Territory by Alex Pritz (Denmark / United States)
    • Nordic:Dox Award: The Last Human by Ivalo Frank (Denmark / Greenland)
      Special Mention: Tsumu – Where Do You Go With Your Dreams by Kasper Kiertzner (Denmark / Sweden)
    • New:Vision Award: What about China by Trinh Minh-ha (United States / China)
      Special Mention: Congress of Idling Persons by Bassem Saad (Lebanon)
    • Next:Wave Award: Kash Kash – Without Feathers We Can’t Live by Lea Najjar (Germany / Lebanon / Qatar )
      Special Mention: Moosa Lane by Anita Hopland (Pakistan / Denmark / Norway)
    • Politiken:DOX Award: A House Made of Splinters by Simon Lereng Wilmont (Denmark)
      Special Mention: Mr. Graversen by Michael Graversen (Denmark)

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