Accidentes Gloriosos | Resistente | Girl in the water

Marcus Lindeen and Mauro Andrizzi | Salla Sorri and Renate Costa | Ming Jin Woo and Jeppe Rønde

Italy, 2011, 58 min. | Paraguay /Finland/Denmark 2012, 20 min. | Denmark/Malaysia 2011, 19 min.

In the 99th issue of DOX, readers can enjoy three films that were made through the DOX:LAB in Copenhagen. This 4-year-old program is a commissioned MEDIA-supported lab for directors, offered to a hand-picked selection of up-and-coming filmmakers. Its main directive is to bring together a team consisting of a filmmaker from Europe and one from a non-European country in order to foster long-term professional cross-cultural relationships in a highly collaborative way.

These days, the focus is still very much on burgeoning talent. However, founder and festival director of CPH:DOX and Director of the Lab, Tine Fischer and Program Manager, Patricia Drati Rønde, invite filmmakers with particularly strong international potential. This has already manifested nicely in highly experimental work that becomes award-winning, internationally recognized cinema. Case in point: In 2011, Accidentes Gloriosos, directed by Swede, Marcus Lindeen and Mauro Andrizzi from Argentina, won the prestigious Orizzonti Award at the 68th Venice International Film Festival for Best Mid-length Film.

Says Drati Rønde, “DOX:LAB was created in 2009 with the aim to stimulate a creative dialogue between filmmakers from very different backgrounds in terms of culture, film history, narrative traditions and production methods. With national cinematographies – if one can use such a term – it is often the case that they are very distinctive and the way of telling stories is easily recognizable. There is a particular way to tell a story in Scandinavia or in Latin America. By handpicking the filmmakers and matching them in teams where a European is matched with a non-European, the hope is that together they can develop a cinematic language that otherwise would not happen.”

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