CPH:DOX reveals complete 2023 FORUM selections

CPH:DOX financing and co-production event CPH:FORUM occurs in Copenhagen from 21 to 23 March. CPH:WIP and CHANGE presentations will take place on Monday, March 20.

Marking the 20th anniversary of CPH:DOX – this year’s CPH:FORUM line-up presents a slate of reflecting on the past and future of the non-fiction genre, and the world at large. The line-up of 33 projects brings together over 70 filmmakers and producers from 25 countries. Brand new projects by filmmakers Ljubomir Stefanov (Honeyland), Jessica Kingdon (Ascension), Finlay Pretsell (Time Trial), Ousmane Samassekou (The Last Shelter), Mila Turajlić (The Labudovic Reels), Tonislav Hristov (The Good Postman), Iryna Tsilyk (The Earth Is Blue as an Orange) and Brett Story (The Hottest August), will be presented at the 2023 edition of CPH:FORUM.

Read more about CPH:FORUM and the selection of projectsHERE

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