URBANISATION: A glimpse into the collective consciousness of a city and its citizens, The Hottest August offers a mirror onto the registered anxiety of contemporary survival strategy.

Carmen Gray
Freelance film critic and regular contributor to Modern Times Review.
Published date: July 31, 2019

The Hottest August

Brett Story

Brett Story & Danielle Varga

USA, Canada

Brett Story’s The Hottest August is atmospheric filmmaking at its best. Its shots of the New York skies and rooftops are lyrical, yet what hangs memorably thick in its air is the prospect of the planet finally reckoning with the politics of capitalism and endlessly deferred consequences. Director Brett Story takes us on a journey, as lightly humorous as it is steeped with foreboding, through New York’s five boroughs, surveying the population on changes to the city and their thoughts of the future. With an ear for anecdote and a delight in humanity’s tics, she chats with a cross-section of residents, from skaters in the projects to ‘20s jazz revivalists to a fitness instructor and a retired policeman.

hottest-august-new york-city-doc
The Hottest August, a film by Brett Story

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