CPH:LAB announces 9 projects for 2021/2022

Nine immersive documentary projects have been selected for CPH:DOX’s talent development and training programme, CPH:LAB.

Exploring the subject of Transformations the participants will present their prototypes in March 2022 at the Inter:Active Symposium at CPH:DOX 2022. The teams will be working with Head of Studies, Mark Atkin, and a team of internationally renowned mentors.

CPH:LAB 2021/2022 projects

  • Anguilla Anguilla (UK, Germany, Denmark) – By Joey Bania, Lion Bischof, Tine Mikkelsen
  • Deep Truth (Sweden) – By Jennifer Rainsford
  • Local Binaries (Australia, Iran) – By Lauren Moffatt, Mohsen Hazrati
  • Mono No Aware (Finland) – By Timo Wright, Ada Johnsson
  • Non-Aligned Newsreels (Serbia) – By Mila Turajlic, Maja Medic
  • SWARM (Poland, Hungary) – By Ula Sowa, Viktória Szabó
  • The Pathogen of War (Lebanon, France, UK) – By Yasmin Fedda, Ladan Anoushfar, Daniel Davies
  • The Sacred Cave of Kamukuwaká (Brazil, UK, Spain) – By Piratá Waura, Nathaniel Mann, Alejandro Romero Hernández
  • Unknown Territory (Denmark) – By Laurits Flendsted, Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen, Darshika Karanuhara, Anne Sofie Steen Sverdrup, Mads Damsbo

Find more information on CPH:LAB and its 2021/2022 projectsHERE

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