Docu Rough Cut Boutique announces 2023 projects

Five new documentary projects have been selected for the 13th edition of Docu Rough Cut Boutique, the leading regional program for documentaries in post-production coming from Southeast Europe and the Caucuses. Since 2022, Docu Rough Cut Boutique have expanded its eligible countries by including Ukraine.

Created by the Sarajevo Film Festival and Balkan Documentary Center, the programme will be organized in three working modules: Sofia (first week of April 2023), Budapest (June 2023) and Sarajevo (August 2023). The programme will culminate at the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival where five projects will be presented to the CineLink Industry Days decision-makers.

Docu Rough Cut Boutique 2023 selected projects

  • Your Life Without Me (dir. Anna Rubi) – Hungary, Sweden
    Magdi and Ildikó must fight the state to assure the survival of their disabled children. Ordinary mothers turn into civilian rebels forcing the Hungarian care system to secure their boys a future.
  • On & Off Alice (working title) (dir. Isabela von Tent)- Romania
    How to teach someone to love if no one has taught you.
  • Part of Society (dir. Rati Tsiteladze) – Georgia
    Adelina, a transgender woman who has been locked away from the outside world for 11 years, finally, flees Georgia to Europe and tries to become a part of society.
  • Pavilion 6 (dir. Goran Dević) – Croatia
    Through conversations of people waiting in line for a vaccine, the film attempts to answer the question of whether we still exist as a society or have turned into a group of disoriented individuals.
  • Dad’s Lullaby (dir. Lesia Diak) – Ukraine, Romania
    Serhiy fought for his country in the Russian-Ukrainian war but now he fights for his family.

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