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Docudays UA announces 2024 DOCU/WORLD & DOCU/YOUTH titles

The 2024 Docudays UA has announced its DOCU/WORLD 2024 proudly unveils its ten feature-length international films, including a standout from Ukraine, and a compelling DOCU/YOUTH programme exploring the journey of adolescence. This year’s selection aims to enrich the audience’s understanding of the world through a diverse geopolitical lens while capturing the pivotal moments of youth.

The DOCU/WORLD International Competition features:

  • Machtat by Sonia Ben Slama (Lebanon)
  • Grasshopper Republic by Daniel McCabe (USA, Uganda)
  • Rowdy Girl by Jason Goldman (USA)
  • Magic Mountain by Mariam Chachia, Nik Voigt (Georgia, Poland)
  • Knit’s Island by Quentin L’helgoualc’h, Ekiem Barbier, Guilhem Causse (France)
  • A Golden Life by Boubacar Sangaré (Burkina Faso, Benin, France)
  • Bigger Than Trauma by Vedrana Pribačić (Croatia)
  • Body by Petra Seliškar (Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia)
  • The World According to My Dad by Marta Kovářová (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • Fragments of Ice by Maria Stoianova (Ukraine, Norway)

Meanwhile, the DOCU/YOUTH programme delves into the turbulent and enlightening journey of youth, emphasizing choices that shape one’s future. KIX by Bálint Révész and Dávid Mikulán (Hungary) follows an 8-year-old boy and his brothers over eight years, documenting their path to a tragic crime. Its dynamic storytelling highlights the stark realities shaping their futures. In contrast, Girls’ Stories by Aga Borzym (Poland) follows two friends on their journey of self-discovery, offering a light and educational glimpse into teenage life.

The shorts in DOCU/YOUTH further explore youth and responsibility:

  • Nelson the Piglet by Anneke De Lind van Wijngaarden (Netherlands) humorously depicts a family’s unexpected challenge with a giant pet pig.
  • Plasticine Dreams by Vadym Makarov (Ukraine) captures Ukrainian teenagers displaced by war.
  • Girl Away From Home by Simon Lereng Wilmont and Alisa Kovalenko (Ukraine, Denmark) follows 13-year-old Nastia finding solace in gymnastics amidst war.
  • Madeleine by Raquel Sancinetti (Canada) tells the story of a 107-year-old’s last adventure.

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