DOK.fest München 2021: The complete winners

    This weekend, DOK.fest München 2021 announced its winners for the 36th edition of Germany’s largest documentary film festival.

    After its winners had already been announced, the three main competitions VIKTORS were presented. See below the complete list of DOK.fest München 2021 winners with the audience awarded on 21 May.

    DOK.fest München 2021 winners

    • Main Competition Anny (dir. Helena Třeštíková) – Czech Republic
    • DOK.deutsch: Zuhur’s Daughters (dir. Laurentia Genske, Robin Humboldt) – Germany
    • DOK.horizonte: Things We Dare Not Do (dir. Bruno Santamaría) – Mexico
    • Student Award: The Case You (dir. Alison Kuhn) – Germany
      • Special Mention: My Vietnam (dir. Hien Mai und Tim Ellrich) – Germany
    • FFF Talent Award Documentary Film: Vater Unser (dir. Sophie Linnenbaum) – Germany
    • VFF Documentary Film Production Award: The Other Side of the River (dir. Antonia Kilian) – Finland, Germany
    • German Documentary Film Music Award: Soldiers (dir. Christian von Brockhausen, Willem Konrad; comp. Christoph Schauer) – Germany
    • DOK.fest Award of SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit: School of Hope (dir. Mohamed El Aboudi) – Finland, France, Morocco
    • DOK.edit Award: Nemesis (dir. Thomas Imbach; ed. Thomas Imbach, David Charap) – Switzerland
    • DOK.series Award: Un Pedazo De Pas (dir. Jacobo Albán, Carlos Zerpa) – Colombia
    • Safespace (dir. Whitney Bursch, Säli El Mohands, Rosa Fabry, Saphira Siegmund, Lea Wessels, Ariane Böhm, Elena Münker, Kim Neubauer) – Germany
      • Special Mention: The Smallest of Worlds (dir. Bettina Katja Lange, Uwe Brunner) – Germany
    • Pitch Award of Haus des Dokumentarfilms: Der Siebte Sohn (dir. Max Carlo Kohal) – Germany
    • German Composition Funding Award: May It Be a Girl (dir. Katerina Suvorova; comp. Akmaral Zykayeva) – Kazakhkstan
    • British Pathé Archive Award: Life is Not a Competition but I’m Winning (dir. Julia Fuhr Mann) – Germany
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