INTERACTIVE: A former airfield, now one of the world’s largest urban parks, Tempelhof Field acts as one of the city’s most vibrant and juxtaposing locations.

(Translated from English by Google Gtranslate)

Berlin’s Tempelhof Field is a powerful example of how civil society can make changes. A former airport, now one of the largest city parks in the world, it was originally planned to be a new area for developers and real estate magnates. Locals, however, wanted to keep it for their own recreational activities and creative expression. After the 2014 referendum, the Tempelhof Field was decreed to stay as it is. Now, it has turned into a creative urban space where experimental and utopian models of living and innovative human expressions are practiced.

In the interactive online documentary Field Trip , the viewer is invited to take a virtual journey through Tempelhof Field where users create their own walking routes while switching between conversation partners.

Field Trip-post1
Field Trip, an interactive documentary

Tempelhof Field and Gezi Park

Tempelhof Field succeeded where Istanbul’s Gezi Park failed. The initiatives to save both took place around . . .

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