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Gay in the Time of Late Capitalism
(My Wonderful West Berlin)

LGTB: Only the anarchists at the left-wing supported them. Yet it was capitalism that liberated them. The gay movement never became part of labor's struggle.

Incarcerated Women
(Five Films Depicting Unfree Women)

Suppression come in many forms. A collection of screenings at February’s Berlinale, portrayed various female destinies.

The transmediale festival in Berlin: Making films about themselves making films

The transmediale festival in Berlin is a quintessential summit for the discourse between art and digital culture. The “Immediated Autodocumentary” project – shot, edited and screened during the festival – points out how technology may have replaced the director with the transmedia producer.

BERLIN 2011: What matters in Berlin

Cinema for Peace addressed the unbearable heaviness of being. Also over the course of the Berlinale festival, the ambivalence towards social issues was explicit, as DOX’s Truls Lie experienced himself.

Unfinished logic
(A Film Unfinished)

Where does one film begin and the other one end? A Film Unfinished is about, and "is" propaganda.

DOX IN BERLIN 2000: Beyond the Red Carpet

Being a feature film festival, documentaries are not the main focus in Berlin, but for the dedicated doc fan the schedule was nevertheless overflowing thanks to the Panorama and Forum programmes.

BERLIN FESTIVAL 1999: Handling History

This year’s Berlin International Film Festival (February 11 - 21) offered the chance to watch many historical docs in a city saturated with history