IDFA announces Amsterdam cinema for year-round documentary activities

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) has always been a hub for documentary filmmakers, industry professionals, and audiences from all over the world. Now, IDFA has been given an exciting opportunity by the Municipality of Amsterdam to expand its reach with a new home in the iconic Vondelpark. The Vondelpark Pavilion, a historic building in the heart of the park, will become a year-round space for documentary film and art.

The new location aligns perfectly with IDFA’s ambition to expand beyond the annual film festival held in November and become a year-round institute for creative documentary film. The Vondelpark Pavilion will offer a diverse program of screenings, installations, workshops, debates, and networking opportunities. The space will also provide a platform for talent development and educational programs, attracting new and young audiences.

The lease contract with the Municipality of Amsterdam has been signed, and the renovations of the Vondelpark Pavilion will soon begin. After the summer, IDFA will commence with pilot programming, with the official festival location opening in November. The space will officially open its doors next spring, offering a new, accessible stage for documentary film to a broad and diverse audience throughout the year.

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