IDF-Ex Oriente Film 2020-featured-first session

The Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) invites audiences to join the online programme for the first session of Ex Oriente Film 2020.

Starting today, 23 June through Friday, Ex Oriente Film 2020 offers lectures and case studies from several esteemed filmmakers. You can find the complete schedule for Ex Oriente Film 2020’s online programme below. All the live video ca be found via the IDF Facebook Page.

Ex Oriente Film 2020 – first session

  • Tuesday, 23 June (11:oo – 12:30): Case study by Emma Davie: Unlocking process – A conversation between Emma Davie and moderator Chloe Trayner, Festival Director of Open City Documentary Festival, using Becoming Animal as a case study to explore approaches to documentary form and process.
  • Thursday, 25 June (10:00 – 11:30): Lecture by Salomé Jashi: Vision and reality – How do artists/filmmakers respond to immaterial forces and atmospheric phenomena? How can an «unfilmable» subject form the basis of a rich inquiry?
  • Friday, 26 June (11:00 – 12:00): Panel on Slovak documentary industry – Speakers include Zuzana Bieliková (Manager of Slovak Film Commission), Zuzana Mistríková (Producer – PubRes, Head of Association of Independent Producers – ANP), Peter Kerekes, (Director and Producer), Ondrej Starinský (Head of Documentary Department RTVS) with moderator Eva Križková (Executive Director – One World Film Festival Slovakia)
  • Friday, June 26 (13:00 – 14:00): Case study by Peter Kerekes: Occupation 1968 – Peter Kerekes on producing omnibus documentary Occupation 1968, composed of five 26-minute documentaries shot by directors from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and Russia.
  • Friday, 26 June (15:30 – 17:00): Case study by Christian Aune Falch: Distributing iHuman in the time of lockdown – Facing an unprecedented worldwide crisis, how do you salvage the momentum after years of production and distribution planning