Krakow Film Festival announces 15 international competition titles

    The 15 documentaries eligible to compete in the Krakow Film Festival 2002 international competition has been announced. The selection includes the Polish production Boylesque by Bogna Kowalczyk. Across selections, there is a clear theme – facing memory; often also facing trauma, both individually and collectively.

    The 2022 Krakow Film Festival will also open with The Hamlet Syndrome from Polish directors Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski. The documentary is an intriguing portrait of the war-torn generation of young Ukrainians.

    Krakow Film Festival 2022 International Competition

    • 1341 Frames of Love & War (dir. Ran Tal) – Israel
    • Adamiani (dir. Hirotoshi Takeoka) – Japan, Netherlands
    • Boylesque (dir. Bogna Kowalczyk) – Poland
    • En mis zapatos (dir. Pedro Morato) – Belgium
    • The Cathedral (dir. Denis Dobrovoda) – Slovakia
    • Fragile Memory (dir. Ihor Ivanko) – Ukraine, Slovakia
    • Little Axel (dir. Fabien Greenberg, Bård Kjøge Rønning) – Norway
    • At Full Throttle (dir. Miro Remo) – Czech Republic, Slovakia
    • No Place For You In Our Town (dir. Nikolay Stefanov) – Bulgaria
    • Beneath the Surface (dir. Alexander Niakaris Irvine-Cox) – Norway, Great Britain
    • Tolyatti Adrift (dir. Laura Sistero) – Spain
    • Reconstruction of Occupation (dir. Jan Šikl) – Czech Republic
    • Eternal Spring (dir. Jason Loftus) – Canada
    • All That Breathes (dir. Shaunak Sen) – USA, Great Britain, India
    • The Hamlet Syndrome (dir. Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski) – Poland, Germany

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