MajorDocs puts focus on domestic cinema for 4th edition of the «slow» documentary festival

Slow down on the beautiful island of Mallorca from 4 to 8 October as MajorDocs presents its most international edition to date, with a focus on domestic cinema. A festival free from counterprogramming, MajorDocs offers one week of screenings, professional activities, masterclasses, and talks on the creative processes of non-fiction. In the festival garden, the MajorDocs PRO programme takes place, and the activities for it have now been announced.

Filmmaker Andrés Duque (Oleg and the Strange Arts), winner of numerous awards at festivals around the world, will give a masterclass on the use of the archive and first-person cinema. He will be accompanied by Pablo Gómez Sala, founder and director of the MOCA Museum (Online Museum of autobiographical cinema) and Clara Sánchez-Dehesa, Spain’s leading expert in analogue film conservation, in a talk that will reflect on the creative value of the domestic film archive, the resignification of memory and the past, the role of film libraries and archives, and the challenges and opportunities that this cinema presents.

The focus on domestic cinema will also include a masterclass by Karianne Fiorini and Gianmarco Torri from Re-framing Home Movies. They will discuss the methodology of some recent projects dealing with the valorization of home movies, outlining different aspects of their archival preservation, valorization and artistic re-use.

The festival then continues its commitment to the confluence between cinema and philosophy with award-winning philosopher and essayist Josep Maria Esquirol, known for his proposal of the «philosophy of proximity». Josep Maria Esquirol will reflect on poetics and creation in a session sponsored by the University of the Balearic Islands.

Following each of these masterclasses, the festival will host a roundtable in which the filmmakers selected in the official section will be able to comment on the creative processes of their films.

Accreditation for MajorDocs 2022 is now open and runs through 1 October.

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