Moving Docs Survey-featured

A just-released survey from the European Documentary Network managed Moving Docs initiative, written by Dr. Huw D Jones (University of Southampton) sought to find answers to a variety of questions around documentary viewing habits in Europe.

The survey, which was carried out with the help of Doc Lounge Sweden, DocsBarcelona, IceDocs: Iceland Documentary Film Festival; Rise and Shine Cinema Berlin, CineDoc Greece, Thessaloniki Film Festival, Europa Cinemas, Panteion University of Greece and the Cultural Department of the Catalan Regional Government, aimed to ultimately provide distributors and programmers tools to learn about potential audiences, as well as to offer practical advice on how to better engage a diverse range of ages and interests.

From the final survey, key points include:

  • VOD as the most popular platform for viewing documentaries. TV, festivals, cinemas and special screenings, were second – fifth, respectively.
  • 97% of respondents claim to have been affected by documentaries, regardless of nationality, age, gender, place of residence, education levels, income groups and occupation.
  • 60% say that a documentary has improved their understanding of the world
  • 50% say documentaries have encouraged them to find out about a particular issue.
  • 34 – 54-year olds were most likely to watch documentaries16-24-year olds are the least likely to watch documentaries
  • 16-24-year olds are 6x more likely to watch fiction in cinemas
  • Most impactful films dealt with topics: extraordinary individuals (The Salt of the Earth), issues of contemporary society (The Swedish Theory of Love), animal rights (Earthlings), war/conflict/genocide (The Act of Killing), strong women (In Search…), and artists/musician centered(Searching for Sugar Man).

Read the complete Moving Docs report – HERE